Third Gear

Third Gear is an Australian company based in Victoria who provide top quality motorcycle parts and accessories at a competitive price while offering awesome customer service.

The objective

Third Gear came to us needing a strategy – their brand had gone through strong organic growth in the decade since they launched, but sales had plateaued and they weren’t sure where to focus their efforts.

Simply speaking, they needed more customers and more sales. As such, our objective was to increase traffic to the website, increase conversions (e.g. sales) from those visitors, and figure out how to give the customer base more of what they wanted.

Services utilised:


The results

Over a six month period following implementation of the new strategy, we saw the following improvements:

  • Traffic – we saw a big improvement in the number of potential customers. This involved a 16.4% increase on individual users of the online store with a 24.9% increase in the number of overall sessions on the online store (many users started coming back and buying more often).
  • Behaviour – we saw a dramatic improvement in how visitors were using the site. The number of pages they looked at almost doubled (a 98.91% improvement from an average of 4.06 pages viewed to 8.08 pages viewed) and the average session duration improved by 16.6%, which demonstrates that users liked what they were seeing and stuck around to buy more.

  • Sales – most importantly, we saw revenue increase by 46.9%, with a 34.4% increase in the number of transactions and a 7.63% increase in the E-commerce Conversion Rate (the number of site visitors who “converted” from users into customers), all of which demonstrates three key results: more people were buying more things, more often, with a higher average purchase value.

The strategy

This was a great project and client – it was simple, honest, old school marketing. We saw a classic scenario: entrepreneur starts brand, has success, grows their team, increases turnover and suddenly hits a glass ceiling.

What we did was get into the data of the website use and sales, analyse the brand and how it had operated to date, investigate their competitors and develop some hypotheses. Then we sat down with the Third Gear team to get into the how, what, why, when and where of the “story so far” in order to find out their points-of-difference and unique selling proposition.

This was an Awareness campaign focused on content rather than a Sales campaign focused on conversions; nevertheless, an additional major outcome of the campaign was a dramatic improvement in online sales. 

This was not a primary goal, nor was SEO in the scope of the campaign – however, in the course of our analytical backend work we noticed some irregularities and made some simple recommendations.

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