LoveLuvo is a social enterprise store retailing environmentally friendly and sustainable products. Created by Westgate Community Initiatives Group Ltd (WCIG) in 2011, they provide paid employment opportunities for people who experience barriers to employment, helping to build skills and confidence in a supportive work environment. The shop is based in Seddon, Victoria and sells eco-friendly, locally-sourced and fair trade home and body products. Their commitment to the community stems a central ethos of “The good you do comes back to you”.

The objective

LoveLuvo’s in-house product range was rebranded for launch in mid-2021. This coincided with their 10 Year Anniversary. We were engaged to develop a Public Relations Marketing Campaign to spread the word and uncover fresh commercial opportunities.

Services utilised:


The results

Pandemic-related lockdowns, staffing issues and maintaining momentum through a strange period meant we had some serious challenges. Regardless, we absolutely smashed our campaign KPIs:

  • 5115% improvement in online sales revenue over the course of our six month campaign (this is not a typo ­– online store sales in September had two extra numbers on the end compared to where it was in April and before)
  • 641 media contacts reached (28% improvement on our target of 500 media contacts)
  • 36% open rate on media releases (344% improvement on our target of 10% open rate)
  • Articles, coverage and ongoing interest/engagement from SBS, Take5, Inside Retail, The Advocate, Pro Bono, Time Out, Seddon Village etc

The strategy

Media, PR, SEO & conversion optimisation for LoveLuvo, an Australian non-profit social enterprise run by WCIG community initiatives. 

The campaign consisted of a two pronged strategy:

  1. Growth via new channels (Purpose Communications’ media network in addition to commercial partners such as retailers and stockists).
  2. Growth via existing channels (engaging & activating existing community, B2B partners and supporters as ambassadors, leveraging them to introducing new prospects via digital means and word-of-mouth).

This came down to a simple storytelling approach, with four main content pillars:

  1. Who we are, what we’ve achieved, what’s new (in-house range rebrand)

  2. Macro focus – a “theory of change” style approach, framed in accessible terms by focusing on work done and outcomes achieved rather than theories and frameworks. We communicated the why of the whole project and how that’s resulting in real change across the past decade.

  3. Micro focus – stories from workers around how the initiative has impacted their lives.

  4. Macro meets Micro – 10 Year Anniversary celebration in July with a focus on customer stories and their conscious consumption choices around specific LoveLuvo products.

This was an Awareness campaign focused on content rather than a Sales campaign focused on conversions; nevertheless, an additional major outcome of the campaign was a dramatic improvement in online sales. 

This was not a primary goal, nor was SEO in the scope of the campaign – however, in the course of our analytical backend work we noticed some irregularities and made some simple recommendations.

Following this simple SEO fix, LoveLuvo achieved a new online sales record, more than doubling the revenue earned the previous month, which itself represented a doubling on the previous month and so forth going back to the start of the campaign. This improved revenue from September alone covered over half of our bill for the entire campaign.

An additional campaign highlight which likewise was not in the original scope-of-work was to be seen in how we managed to add value by developing our PR Media Releases into additional content for the website, resulting in four new SEO-optimised blogs and resultant increase in website traffic.

Final Comment:

LoveLuvo and WCIG had never previously engaged an agency to do PR and Media, and hence were somewhat unsure what to expect. We walked them through a simple narrative storytelling process that uncovered the beautiful stories amongst their staff, customers and wider business. The interviews we conducted enabled us to produce an entire suite of blog, newsletter and promotional content resulting in excellent media coverage.

An unexpected but wholly welcome outcome was that management reported a major positive improvement in the mental health, morale and engagement levels of vulnerable staff members due to the positive coverage received. A voice for people with barriers to employment is an important goal of our work in marketing the For Purpose / Non Profit sector, so this a was a real highlight of the campaign – and indeed, our history as a company.


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