Fairtrade ANZ

Fairtrade is a global ethical label which advocates for better working conditions and improved terms of trade for farmers and workers in developing countries.

The objective

We worked on variety of campaigns with Fairtrade ANZ over a three year period, with a objective of building Awareness. For the purposes of this case study, let’s focus on Fairtrade’s annual marquee campaign: Fairtrade Fortnight. We needed to increase awareness of this specific endeavour, promoting Fairtrade’s mission and products while educating consumers on how they can make a difference. Fairtrade’s KPIs were to capture 70 leads, drive 3500 visits to the website and inspire 250 PDF downloads.    

Services utilised:


The results

  • 240 leads captured (343% increase on target of 70 leads)
  • 10,197 website visits (291% increase on target of 3500 visits)
  • 754 PDF downloads (302% increase on target of 250 downloads)

The strategy

We achieved strong results that went far beyond the campaign KPIs by creating a holistic campaign which complimented Fairtrade’s organisational goals while delighting consumers and drastically increasing brand awareness. We utilised concept development, creative design and production, media strategy/planning and full campaign implementation, optimisation and reporting. We advertised using Facebook, Instagram, native ads, web retargeting, mobile geofencing, and digital panels in strategic locations around different shopping centres in Australia and New Zealand. This fruitful creative partnership can be attributed to how Fairtrade’s values align perfectly with those of Purpose Communications. Fairtrade communicates by promoting the global benefits of ethical work, focusing on the farmers behind your daily consumer choices and how choosing ethically-produced goods makes a tangible difference to communities. We share those values, meaning we were on the same page from day one. That doesn’t mean it was easy – quite the opposite! – but it meant that we shared a strong intention to get the job done in the right way, for the right reasons.

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