The Cannabis Co.

The Cannabis Co make hemp products for humans and animals. Grown in Victoria and Tasmania, they’re vegan, raw and organic.

*please note: The Cannabis Company changed ownership as of mid-2019. We no longer work with them due to ethical considerations.

The objective

The Cannabis Co were entering a thorny space; global trends demonstrate how the conversation around hemp and cannabis is changing. We at Purpose believe this plant has a lot of value to add to both our society and our economy and the project was therefore in perfect alignment. The hemp industry is outdated by decades, rife with miscomprehension and full of charlatans. We had to find a way to tell the story while providing trust, transparency and authenticity. Therefore the objective was clear: confidently introduce Australia to The Cannabis Co through a seamless premium brand experience.

Services utilised:

Cannabis Plant

The results

  • SEO – page 1 of Google within six months of launch using an organic SEO strategy for high value keywords (hemp, cannabis, CBD, THC etc) 
  • Traffic – over 1M pageviews across 220K sessions from 158K unique users within one year of launch; an average session duration of 02:26 with 4.79 pages viewed per session, demonstrating an extremely engaging website containing valuable content.
  • Conversions – avg sales conversion rate of 1.98% across all channels, with high converting unpaid referral traffic (6.35%). Email traffic converting at 8.17% with 10K+ active subscribers, a 42.7% average open rate and an 8.9% click rate. Paid channels converting at a rate of 4.5% (lowest) and 14.5% (highest) with a minimum ROI of 8:1.

The strategy

We worked closely with the brand from day one, discovering their story and helping to articulate and tease out their vision for the brand. We leveraged this build a beautiful website from the ground up, developing robust brand and packaging concepts, all of which fed into a comprehensive content marketing strategy. Facebook, Instagram and Google are all anti-hemp, meaning there were no short-cuts: we had to go Old School. What does that mean? It means rolling our sleeves up, getting creative and delving deep into our favourite tactic: merciless, meaningful, authentic storytelling. No lies, no bullshit, just courage. We used every trick up our sleeve, and within six months the PR element of our campaign led to The Cannabis Co being featured in viral news articles from GQ, Financial Review, Gourmet Traveller,  Executive Style, SBS, The Herald Sun, 9 News, Body + Soul, and dozens more A-List news outlets from every continent. This initiated wildfire growth for The Cannabis Co and they’re still sprinting to keep up with the opportunities the work unlocked for them.   

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