Social Media Marketing Easy Free Course

Social Media Marketing Made Easy – Free Video & Planner Template

Do you struggle with marketing your venture or endeavour via social media? 


It’s probably the most common challenge in digital marketing.


That’s why we made this free video lecture course to inform and upskill you on how to roll out a scalable social media strategy – it includes a simple planner template with 30 ideas for types and formats of post.


You will learn how to experiment, optimise and repeat – a simple process for continuous improvement.


Regardless of age, whether you’re 17 or 77, this is social media made easy. 


What will I learn in this seminar?

You will learn A LOT.


We’ll move fast in order to cover everything in under 40 minutes.


Using real life examples, you will learn how to:


·       Identify who you’re marketing to and what you should be focusing on


·       Figure out what type of content you should be posting


·       Avoid boring “last minute” ad hoc posting which gets poor engagement


·       Build a simple plan across single / multiple social channels


·       Schedule it in a way that makes it easy to plan out and present to other stakeholders for feedback and signoff


·       Decide how many posts you need to do per week in a consistent manner


·       Leverage different formats and dozens of content types (text, video, photos etc)


·       Use simple “hacks” and shortcuts for scheduling and engagement


·       Introduce flexibility, creativity and curiosity to achieve great marketing results


·       Stess-test and self-critique your posts for better outcomes


·       Experiment, analyse, measure and repeat to create a unique content strategy


·       Use data-led insights to provide a clear rationale around what you’re doing and why


·       Demonstrate value to stakeholders by applying a storytelling mindset to the full customer journey


·       Align your content to your wider brand / organisational strategy


·       Optimise for improved performance in a data-led manner while measuring ROI


·       Focus on relevant metrics for your personal, departmental or organisational goals


·       Deal with THE single biggest problem in marketing, which EVERYONE is guilty of.


The best part is that it costs you nothing AND you get a free social media planner with both a blank template for your use PLUS an already populated planner so you can see what it looks like “in real life” (as published on our own social channels), INCLUDING 5 post formats and 25 content types.


Who is this social media strategy for?

·      Small businesses with very limited resources


·       Time-poor managers across every industry who are expected to tick endless boxes as part of their everyday scope of work igure out what type of content you should be posting


·      Sole operators and entrepreneurs who wear multiple hats in their business


·      Dynamic teams across not-for-profits, social enterprise and government


·      Recent graduates who need to get some quick wins on the board at their new job


·      Contractors and freelancers who need efficient and cost-effective solutions to market themselves and their clients


·      Artists, musicians and other creative professionals who cannot afford to outsource their marketing


·      Students, teachers and business owners who require basic marketing knowledge in their work


Indeed, this seminar was initially presented to a large cohort of teachers from TAFE NSW. We expected an attendance of maybe a few dozen from amongst their marketing teachers; what transpired was a much larger attendance (111 people altogether, a satisfyingly elegant number!) made up of business teachers, IT teachers, beauty and hairdressing teachers, etc.


Now why would that be?


Simple – there are very few industries in which you can afford to be ignorant of social media marketing, and so both students and teachers absolutely require this knowledge to be an effective operator in today’s world.  


Regardless of whether you’re a total beginner or a seasoned professional, this will give you new perspectives on social (we actually reminded ourselves of some key Best Practice insights in the process of making it!).


Why is social media marketing such a challenge?

Because the benefits are ephemeral, measurement feels tricky, there are myriad so-called “experts” peddling nonsense, and it pretty much always comes last when we have a “To Do List” as long as a Norwegian summer’s day.


And yet we all know that it’s important.


Why is social media important?

It’s the simplest way to communicate your culture. And culture is everything.


It’s also where the sales journey often begins.


Customers, employees, promotional and brand partners, champions and detractors – the first place many of them will encounter you (or their first stop after they hear about you) is social media.


A picture speaks a thousand words, a video 10,000 words. Social media aggregates these in a way which even the finest of websites cannot do.


Human brains have been irrevocably changed in the decades since web 2.0 and the “attention economy” is the outcome.


How do you know whether your social media marketing is working?

You’ll hear me repeat the concept of “experiment, optimise, repeat” in various different ways on the topic of digital marketing – and social media is the epitome of this, because it is *extremely easy* to quickly iterate and experiment. It’s also super easy to measure and analyse content and engagement.


There’s so many easy ways to do this, both for your own sake and for reporting to managers, clients, the board or anyone else – this video will teach you how to demonstrate value in a systematic way so that you can apply a simple cost/benefit analysis to the work in a process of continuous improvement.


Anyway – let’s not get too deep into research and theory here – what we all know, and especially YOU know since you’re reading this, is that we need a solution for a simple social media strategy, and that’s what we’re giving you here and now, for free.

Ready for your free
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