Brand ID and Development

What is brand identity? In addition to the obvious things like logos and colour, a brand’s image is made up of personality and core values.

 The identity of a brand, or brand image, is as important (if not more important) than the actual product or service themselves. Many businesses operating within the same industry provide similar products and services, and sometimes it can be hard to differentiate between them all. How does any given customer decide on which option to choose from? A positive brand image can be the difference between choosing option A or option B.


Brand Design


A brand’s identity is more than just its name, logo, and choice of colours (although these are also critical elements to consider when creating a brand). Rather, a brand’s ID is made up of its core values and how it communicates these with customers. A good starting point for establishing a brand identity is to pinpoint the mission or vision statement and identify who the brand is and its reason for existing.

In a nutshell, a brand’s identity is ultimately its personality. It’s what you want to resonate with your customers, even long after they have purchased your product. Remember, customers aren’t just purchasing the product, they are also purchasing a stake in the brand that represents them and inspires them. 

Current research indicates that consumers, especially younger generations, are more drawn to businesses that stand for something greater than profits. They’re looking for brands that provide more than just products or services; offsetting carbon emissions, improving the environment and donating to positive causes are examples of brand values that many consumers admire, and which add to creating a positive brand image.

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