Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines – a Company’s Guide to Consistent Branding

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for brands to stand out amongst competitors. There are thousands if not millions of brands all competing for the attention of consumers. Which brands survive and how do they do it? One way is to establish a consistent brand image; to become instantly recognisable as anyone passes by. Consistent branding is key to establishing a presence in the market. But how does a brand ensure consistency throughout its business? This is where brand guidelines come in hand.

 Brand guidelines are essentially a style guide to follow when creating anything on behalf of the business. Every piece of work, whether it be the logo on products, communications to the public, or the colours used in print & digital, all need to have a cohesive look and feel. Consistency is key for establishing a solid market presence.

Brand Guideline Elements

Although all companies are different and have differing styles, some examples of elements within a brand’s guidelines may include:

  • mission and vision statement
  • values
  • logo
  • colour pallets
  • language for messaging and communications

Brand guidelines should be used and shared to every part of a company, however, they are especially pertinent to the marketing and communications team. Everyone involved in communicating the brand needs to have a shared understanding of how to go about it.

Brand guidelines were once kept and distributed in hard copies, which made them difficult to update. Thankfully, technological advancements have provided a much more effective way for companies to create, deliver, and maintain these crucial documents. As everything in business changes constantly, especially marketing, it’s critical that brands update their guidelines accordingly. 

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