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Meet The Team: Kat Cazanis

Define “ethics”.

Ha! How long is a piece of string and how long do you have? Briefly, ethics can be described as a moral code; values or an ‘ethos’ that people choose to live by, or adhere to, in their decision making.

 As individuals our moral code asks us to take responsibility for our beliefs, actions and efforts. 


Isn’t “ethical marketing” an oxymoron? Marketing is basically another way of saying “pulling the wool over peoples’ eyes, right?

Marketing helps businesses to reach their goals, and to do that while being ethical could mean that that goal would be aligned to customer needs. For example, a business would provide a service or product that solves a challenge for the consumer, or at least impacts customer satisfaction in a positive way.

In so much as ethics govern our behaviour, it can be understood that by aligning with customer ethics or their moral code, a business is showing that they have the same values as their target market.  This is where marketing strategy comes in – understanding the consumer is critical to understanding their ethos or moral code.


My take on it is for brands to not manipulate the perception of their moral code to fit a consumer group, but to align with a target market that shares their ethos. 

Give me an example of a time when your personal ethics have driven your behaviour.

Ethics drive decisions from the minutiae to the deal breakers, so in everything we do we are being governed by our ethics. To give you an example, this morning I bought breakfast my team to say thanks for a big week that we’re working through. This gesture means a lot to me, as I like to show my appreciation and convey that I value the loyalty and tenacity of the team. 

How did you get interested in your line of work? What led you down this path as opposed to the 9-to-5 salary grind?

Well, I try to work within the hours of 9 to 5, with a few exceptions. Working for myself was always appealing to me as I was able to align myself with brands that I really believed in and that I share an ethos with – going back to your ethics question. 

What do you do for fun? What’s your passion, and what would you be doing if money was of zero concern?

Oh! What a fun thing to think about. I love to travel, read, listen to music, hang out with my friends… I already do a lot of this, so it would be pretty extraordinary to think I could do this full time with no other qualms. I know I’m ambitious though, so I’d probably start a second business!

What are the similarities and differences between “work Kat” and “life Kat”?

Not many to be honest, the two are quite assimilated now-days.



I worked in marketing strategy in agencies and client side before starting my own business, and while I really enjoyed the work, I was always keen to nurture an environment that was more supportive, values driven and that acknowledged that there should be time for life outside of work.


You suddenly receive $50M to spend on “world issues” – where does it go? Don’t worry about a specific charity or organisation (though you can if you want); just keep it broad.

I would support as many humanitarian causes as possible, with the view that perhaps with more basic needs met worldwide, it will be easier to mobilise and empower people to make changes to help the environment.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

10 years feels like a lifetime ago, so 10 years in the future feels pretty far off too! To be honest, if I’m continuing to live a life with all my needs met and feeling excited to go to work in the morning that’d be pretty grand.

Thanks Kat!

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