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Cormac at #PauseFest

We are pleased to announce that Cormac Sheehan (Purpose Communications’ founder and director) will be speaking at Pause Fest 2020 in Melbourne next February. 

Pause Fest is knowns internationally as “an independent, industry-driven movement with a mission to bring diverse intelligence together to fuel the next generation forward. We spent nine years engineering the community of champions to create the global stage for them. We’ve been described as ‘Australia’s SXSW’, ‘Octoberfest for business’ and ‘Woodstock for digital natives’.

Here’s a short rundown on his topic:

In one short year and with zero marketing budget, Cormac grew The Cannabis Co into Australia’s #1 Cannabis Lifestyle Brand. By telling the authentic story of cannabis and forging unlikely connections to build unique products, his work became the focus of in-depth features from outlets such as Financial Review, GQ and Executive Style. How? Through dauntless courage and a high-risk mindset. Constructing a brand in tandem with Dr. David Stapleton (a world class researcher and biochemist with 25+ years at the University of Melbourne) meant that he was able to seize legitimacy from a media narrative that posits cannabis users as useless wastoids. The truth is much more interesting and with Google and Facebook still being anti-cannabis, the only way to spread the word was through honesty, creativity and old-fashioned storytelling. At Cormac’s session you will learn about:

• Storytelling as a springboard to cut through stigma
• Courageousness in the unapologetic pursuit of truth
• Forging cross-disciplinary connections to create elite teams


For more info and to get your ticket, click here.


Pause Fest

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