About Purpose

What's the story?

We founded Purpose Communications in 2017 to provide transparent, honest, values-driven marketing. After growing tired of sketchy agencies who constantly over-promised and under-delivered, the approach was clear: high-quality work at competitive prices which places purpose-driven authenticity above all other considerations.

Purposeful Marketing comes down to one question: what’s the story? This is at the heart of every great brand, inspiring loyalty, imagination and shareability. Trends come and go but one thing always adds value: word of mouth. A great story simply cannot be kept to oneself.

Our mission is to be recognised as the best ethical marketing agency in Australia. We achieve this by delivering excellent results without compromising our ethics: we treat people as we expect to be treated. 

No sneaky stuff, no invasive stuff, no manipulative stuff. We work hard to discover your true colours, telling your stories in a manner that best serves everyone who encounters your communications, whether they’re within your organisation or outside of it. This is how we ensure that all stakeholders are left feeling proud – both our team and yours.

What makes us different

We truly believe in “purpose”. When your brand story and organisational focus is on point, your purpose shines through. The synchronicity between mission, vision and purpose is communicated through one thing: the right story. The Purpose Communications approach is no different to the storytellers of old. Their methods were primitive – spoken word, music, simple illustrations. Our methods are complex and evolving.

We’ve spent decades working with the biggest agencies in the world, on global brands in competitive marketplaces, with campaign budgets in excess of $5M. We’ve likewise bootstrapped our own businesses into impressive turnovers with campaign budgets of less than $5K. The difference is that we approach every project with curiosity, vigour and pride. 

That’s what we’ll do for you.

Our Sustainability Commitment

Our actions reflect our ethics in every conceivable way – and we’re continually improving. 

This drives our paperless approach towards working in more environmentally friendly ways, inspires the pro-bono work we do and gives us a mandate to ensure our office space being as sustainable as possible. 

Purpose Communucations Ethical Sustainable Sustainability Marketing


Our office is part of BIGBANG studio in Northcote Victoria, where our meetings and workshops are usually held. Situated on the banks of the beautiful Merri Creek, our sustainability agenda revolves around environmental, social and cultural considerations. BIGBANG includes a solar chimney (designed & built in-house), solar panels, rainwater harvesting for toilet flushing and irrigation of our bushland. The space is driven by a continual investment in native regeneration of creek bushland and a whole range of other ongoing projects and improvements using reclaimed/preloved materials wherever possible.  

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to tell your authentic story in an ethical manner using cutting edge marketing techniques.

Why’s everyone buzzing on “authenticity”? Because so much of today’s world is fake. Millennials may not be your primary target market now, but they soon will be – they’ll also be your employees. What’s more, Millennials will be responsible for how the world sees you. Authenticity is the number one consideration for Digital Natives who grew up with the world at our fingertips. We can smell a rat from halfway round the globe, so if your message, image and service offering is not on point, prepare to watch your prospects run a mile.

Back in the ancient world (read: 1997), ethical consumption = gaudy textiles, bad-tasting wholefoods and finger-wagging hippies. Nowadays it’s everything. Why? Because in this post-globalised world, we’re increasingly aware of the impact of bad ethics. That’s why ethical marketing is a crucial aspect of ethical business. Whether it’s due to a poor track record in relation to gender equality, the environment or simply unscrupulous use of data, global connectivity and modern communications ensure that sooner or later somebody will come knocking – and they won’t leave without answers. The opposite is true too – when you conduct business in a fair way it inspires loyalty. We don’t achieve our goals with unethical practices and we reject those who do. If you’re in this for the long haul, you need to get onboard.

Many of today’s marketers are all about the “shiny new toy”, especially when it comes to digital. We often catch these jokers increasing their personal skillset by wasting your budget on “learning-through-play”, and your bank account is their toy chest. Likewise, the mages of Silicon Valley are so busy wondering whether they can do something that they rarely consider the moral implications of whether they should do it. We know all the tricks, including the dirty ones – we just choose to work for good, without using unethical data mining practices. Experience and maturity means that we’re just as likely to take the tried and true path as we are to suggest something new and exciting – it’s all about achieving strong ROI and a superb outcome we can all proudly stand behind.

Our Values

We work for a better world. Our values are simple, but they’re not easy.

Be Cool

If clients or contractors don’t meet our standards for fairness and kindness, we end the relationship. The same applies to our internal workings. If your attitude isn’t sound, leave the hall.

Tough Love

We’re cutting edge because we’re creative risk-takers. We’re respectful but forthright. We won’t do anything without your express permission, but if you’re worried about your toes, get some boots.

Word is Bond

If we say we’ll do something, we get it done. No bullsh*t.

We ask for help

Nobody knows everything. If someone’s pretending that they do, that sets our alarm bells ringing. Vulnerability and willingness to learn is crucial; whenever we identify knowledge gaps, we consult our broad network of experts to uncover the strongest approach.

Share the glory

If someone contributed to project success, we don’t try to steal it for ourselves. We share the glory – it comes back to us threefold.

Ethics is Life

We plan with our heads and act with our hearts. Ethical considerations are not an afterthought – they're at the core of the Purpose Communications philosophy.

Meet the Team

Cormac Sheehan
Founder / Director

Cormac began his marketing communications journey in the mid ’90s, DIY publishing photocopied punk fanzines and coding nerdy websites. Two decades later, a variety of roles in social enterprises, consultancies and not-for-profits meant that his freelance skills were in high demand. Having received a 2014 Australian Industry Leadership award and with his work used as Best Practice in courses on consumer behaviour, marketing and advertising at leading Australian universities, Cormac realised it was time to take things up a notch. He formed Purpose Communications in 2017 in order to provide ethical marketing that gets results. A serial entrepreneur, musician, writer and former professional athlete, Cormac left his native Ireland in 2004, subsequently living and working in London, Copenhagen and Mexico City prior to settling in Melbourne in 2010 where he now lives with his wife and three kids. He knows a thing or two about competing priorities, leading to a clear view on how to get things done: there’s always enough time, it’s just about how you organise it. Cormac jumps out of bed each morning with one goal: do great work which inspires pride and action in everyone who encounters it. 

Read a Q&A interview with Cormac here

Chris Barrington
Associate Consultant

Chris never knew what he wanted to do, but he knew what his talents were: a strong footballer, a great singer and an excellent negotiator. He understood how to make things work, how to talk and deal with people, and how to develop strategies towards achieving the best possible outcome – whatever the situation. This led him to study advertising in University with the purpose of “persuading anyone to buy anything at any cost in any situation”. Growing up in Chile, in 2013 he came to Australia where he attained his master’s degree in marketing. Discovering a personal fascination with consumer behaviour, market research, branding and digital, he soon found that global agencies were competing to secure his talents. The big fish came calling, leading to media strategy, planning and campaign management contracts with Maccas, Nike, Visa, KFC, Chilean Government, NSW-VIC-SA-QLD Government, Mazda, The Northface and many others. Experience accrued, he wished to leave behind the coldly calculating corporate world and begin working for Purpose. Chris’s life goal is to leave this world better than how he found it, and so his purpose is clear: be the best, deliver the best, work with the best. Why? To make a difference.

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Kat Cazanis
Associate Consultant

Kat’s avid interest in language and human behaviour led her to study linguistics, culminating in a Masters in Advertising & Marketing completed at The University of Maryland (USA.) Starting out as a copywriter, Kat was soon poached by the strategy team – which turned out to be the best place for ambitious big picture thinking and a love of data analysis. Cutting her teeth at top agencies Next Digital and Saatchi while keeping her plate full by tour-managing international music acts and DJ-ing, Kat’s love of marketing won out in the end. She went on to consult to brands in the non-profit, FMCG, wellness and beauty sectors, working with everyone from Zoos Victoria, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, University of Melbourne, Cocobella Coconut Water and Grown Alchemist to household names such as Kraft, Cadbury, Ford and ANZ. This led to a high degree of specialist knowledge in customer engagement, consumer advocacy and growing flourishing communities. From that first simple ‘like’ through to conversion, Kat is passionate about helping brands define their vision through customer-focused digital strategies, brand planning, unique content and collaborations.

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